*The project shown will be from Camden's personal branding (© Camden Rusincovitch 2022)
Camden's design process begins by scrapping thumbnails. This is where brainstorming will occur through general illustration and mark-making so that Camden can evaluate which designs are most effective. Color palettes will also be tested here to be revisited for future iterations of the design.
After picking the strongest concepts, they will be further refined to create a more official mockup. Other variations will also be made for more developed mockups. There is a greater focus on structure here with a focus on where the design will be used (in magazine prints, website layouts, etc).
Black and white drafts are made and then shown to the client. Camden usually tries to show layout options with text involved in the graphic, so that clients can imagine how it would look in context. This will often serve as the first critique so that the client can request specific changes.
*Designs are done in black and white first so that they can be repurposed later 
The chosen color palette is applied to whatever design is approved for final use. Special requests can be made to adjust colors here before the design is utilized for potential mockups for web or physical production.
Once the formal design elements have been confirmed by the client, Camden moves forward with additional work the client may have for the design. The extended work could be anything from UX animation to ad campaigns, to social media posts. 
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